About Me

I'm an Italian Freelance Game and Applications Developer who helps you and technology startups to create multi-platform video games or android apps..

Before starting a development activity, I spent several years studying various programs, such as Unity, Android Studio, etc. After a successful career in helping small developers and many development teams, now I help them to develop games and applications.

I loves to play video games and always put myself to the test. Also I love summer, the sun and the sea.

I'm available for game/app development, coding and game design, as well as private consultations. You can reach me at [email protected]

Live Coding!

In this playlist we will create a Space Invaders Clone and a lot of games in Live.We will create them from 0, so we will create assets, 3D models, code and more..

first service
second service

Unity Tutorials

In this tutorials playlist we will learn Unity and how to create games with it.